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Vidusayura Ship Simulator 2010

Vidu Sayura is a Ship Simulator project for Sri Lanka Navy, developed by UCSC (University of Colombo School of Computing). This a virtual training environment and it has developed with Ogre (open-source graphics rendering engine) in C++ and modeled it with 3D max.

Ship simulations have been used for naval training, ship hull designing, simulating military scenes and entertainment activities such as computer games. Today ship simulations have become an essential tool in maritime education. Ship simulators are use to develop ship handling skills and theoretical understanding of ship motions in naval training.

By using this simulation system trainer can demonstrates ship motions, maneuvering tactics and assign particular mission to trainees and evaluate their performance. Trainees can use the simulation system to study at their own pace. These learning and teaching scenarios enable more productive and collaborative learning and teaching environment. Implementation and operational cost of the ship simulation system is a fraction of the conventional training involving real ships. Consequently this ship simulation system reduces the total cost of training and increases the quality of training.

Nena Piyasa TV program on “Vidusayura”

Damitha Sandaruwan, University of Colombo School of Computing,

Nihal Kodikara, University of Colombo School of Computing,

Chamath Keppitiyagama, University of Colombo School of Computing,

Rexy Rosa, Department of Physics, University of Colombo,

Prabath Samarasinghe, University of Colombo School of Computing,

Uditha M de Soysa, University of Colombo School of Computing,

Chandana Perera, Center for Research and Development, S L Navy,

Ogre Project

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